The pilot site of Darmstadt (Germany) includes 45 buildings in Darmstadt and in the nearby smaller towns of Dieburg, Weiterstadt and Bensheim. The buildings have a total surface of approx. 55,000 m² with 688 dwellings accommodating approximately 1,514 tenants.

The buildings were built between 1959 and 1986; the facilities for energy, heating and water were installed between 1974 and 2003. Thus, the quality of the meters, the need to heat and the energy efficiency differ among the buildings from medium to bad. All dwellings were equipped with smart heat cost allocators and modern thermostatic valves.

A high proportion of tenants in the pilot site dwellings receive social welfare benefits and have a migration background. They are varying in age (18 to 85) and have a medium/low educational background.

The pilot site is divided in 3 categories with different levels of service:

  • Basic setup: 15 buildings (274 dwellings) are equipped with heat cost allocators and water sub-metering services.
  • Medium setup: 21 buildings (190 dwellings) have the basic setup plus a service enabling the energy manager to optimise the heating curve of the central heating system according to the real demand of the tenants. The expected savings are > 6%.
  • Top setup: 9 buildings (224 dwellings) have access to the medium setup plus an access to a more developed internet portal. The expected savings are > 10%

The Bauverein AG Darmstadt supported by Techem implements and pilots Resource Usage Awareness Services (RUAS) to encourage tenants to save resources (gas, heating, water) and Resource Management Services (RMS) for resource demand reduction.

The following table summarizes details about buildings and services:


Basic Setup

Medium Setup

Top Setup









Heat Cost Allocators




Water Sub-meters




RMS: Customer Portal




RMS: adapterm




RMS: adapterm  cockpit (management web-service)




RUAS: Tenant web-portal




Average energy consumption (kWh/m² x a)




Expected savings

Control group





Pilot Site Video

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Key Facts





Techem Energy Services GmbH (TECHEM)


bauverein AG (Bauverein)


The awareness raising service for tenants (RUAS) measures the following parameter(s)

Water (hot and cold), heating consumption

The management service used by professionals (RMS) measures the following parameter(s)

Water (hot and cold), heating consumption, outside and inside temperature

Expected savings

Medium setup: >6 %

Top setup: >10 %

Dwellings equipped with service

688 (see table above)


Resource Usage Awareness Service (RUAS)

Service Description

The RUAS depends on the level of service of the building concerned:

The basic setup:

  • Installation of radio frequency heat cost allocators and radio frequency hot and cold water meters.
  • Automated reading of all metering devices via a fixed wireless network.
  • Access to the Techem web portal by Bauverein and all other pilot site specialists involved to frequently check the consumption figures per dwelling or per building.

The medium setup:

  • Basic setup as described above + installation of the RMS “adapterm” to save further heating energy due the frequent optimisation of the heating curve of the local central heating facility.

The top setup:

  • Medium setup as described above + all tenants have access to the Techem.Portal solution to check and compare their heat and water consumption values whenever they want, enabling the tenants to directly take actions for further savings.



WEB Portal





Parameters  shown

Energy for heating and hot water as well as sub-metering of cold water

Periods data is visualised

Daily consumption data (bi-weekly in the energy monitoring system)

Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons

  • Same dwelling previous period
  • Average dwelling of the building as benchmark


  • Water: m³
  • Heating and hot water energy: Physical Units (Thermal consumption units)

Saving tips

General saving tips

Other features

  • Data exchange online for administrators: input and exchange of energy invoices etc.
  • Archive online: archiving of consumption and service invoices in pdf format
  • Info Center: FAQ’s / Regulatory documentation etc.

Energy coach

Benchmark analysis against average apartment for tenants, comparison between other buildings of and for the administrators


Resource Management Service (RMS)

Service Description

Implemented on buildings concerned by medium and top setup, TECHEM's Adapterm energy saving system reduces heat consumption by optimising the heating curve of the central heating system according to the real demand of the tenants. The energy savings due to Adapterm will be frequently presented in the Adapterm cockpit via internet.



WEB Portal




Parameters  shown

Energy for heating, inside and outside temperature, frequent monitoring and presentation (every 15 minutes) of heating energy consumed as well as portion of heating saved due to adapterm.