BECA at Concerto Conference, 22 October 2013, Brussels

On 22 and 23 October 2013, the energy projects SMARTSPACES, eeMeasure, BECA and eSESH are presented with a stand at the CONCERTO Conference “Energy Solutions for Smart Cities and Communities”, organised by DG ENERY in the European Commission's Charlemagne Conference Centre.

The stand provides information on three CIP projects and results. In addition, empirica presents the software tool eeMeasure which enables all ICT PSP projects to calculate and record energy saving results. The visitor can experience the methodologies used in the projects and see reports and results of energy savings obtained by all projects which have introduced data of their pilots into the software tool.

22 projects have been co-financed by the European Union in the CONCERTO initiative since 2005. These projects have paved the way to the Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Partnership of the European Union that was launched in 2012.

The event brings together participants from cities and communities, industry and other stakeholders from the EU28 as well as associated countries of the European Research Area.  The economic, technological and political lessons learnt from the 58 demonstration sites of the CONCERTO Initiative will be presented and discussed along with the implications for the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership.

For more information on the CONCERTO Conference please visit the official conference website.

More information on eeMeasure can be found here.