Energy Saving has its new super hero: Meet BECO.

September 2012| The Catalan partners of the project have devised an ambitious strategy to inform the tenants about the BECA program and help them save energy.

On a hot Spanish summer night, three men gathered in a dark room with a purpose: to let the tenants know about the BECA program and to encourage them to use the web portal.

The atmosphere of the room grew tensed as they racked their brains to find the best possible solution. Outside, the night was getting hotter and hotter, no wind to cool off their thoughts burning with the fever of creativity. All of a sudden, lightning struck the ground as inspiration hit their minds:


The character of BECO is used to embody the project and represent it in a visual manner. He is part of a larger strategy including face to face meetings, staff training, posters and a monthly report for each tenant using the service. Each month, the inhabitants of the Catalan pilot site will have their monthly performances reported and distributed via a personalised brochure.