Good practices on individual metering spreads amongst Swedish Housing Companies

“Water consumption can be reduced by smart metering, if the tenants are closely involved in the process.” This first outcome of the project was presented to an assembly of Swedish Housing Companies on the 11th April 2013 by ÖrebroBostäder AB, the Swedish partner of the BECA project.

During the presentation, ÖBO described how they started out from the Housing Authority’s standard of 200 litres/day but then adapted to the average of independent houses (privately owned villas) of 170 litres/day of which 35% should be hot water. This standard has been negotiated with and approved by the Tenants’ Association and subsequently introduced in all newly build dwellings. Rents in the BECA project dwellings were reduced with the cost of this volume – tenants now pay according to net consumption.

ÖBO also shared the experience of introducing individual metering and billing in the laundry rooms. Both attracted a lot of interest on the national level and preliminary figures show spectacular savings on energy. Other companies reported savings of 25% on energy after introduction of extra fees for the use of laundry.