How do you say BECA in German? National Workshop for international projects

A BECA conference was held in Darmstadt on 31 January 2013 to promote communication and exchange of ideas and experience about energy savings through communication-technology in housing buildings in Germany and Austria. Around 55 experts from different institutes and companies participated and discussed about relevant issues and shared their experience in energy saving and efficiency.

A brief meeting summary follows highlighting the major items and ideas discussed, also exchanged by different participants during the whole meeting.


  • How to enhance the energy using efficiency in house buildings in particular in social housing?
  • The compatibility between housing policy and its energy efficiency strategies.
  • The improvement of energy efficiency can be achieved through new technologies, such as Smart Sub-metering, optimisation of user behavior in their daily energy using.
  • Web-based energy saving service like web portal and ICT-based energy saving service in social housings also in public buildings.
  • Continue developing and using renewable energy in social housings.
  • Interdisciplinary research about energy using and efficiency in TU Darmstadt Energy Center.
  • Energy efficiency building: Passive house, Rheinstraße 65, Darmstadt.