ICT and Social housing: Spanish workshop with BECA on 13 November 2012

October 2012| The Spanish members of 7 EC funded projects eSESH, BECA, 3eSoHo, SMARTSPACES, 3e HOUSES, Green@Hospital and Showe-it organise a workshop in Barcelona, Spain, on 13 November 2012. The workshop is about ICT and its contribution to managing energy use in social housing and public building.

The installation of smart meters raises new questions about the role of housing organisations with regard to services offered to tenants. For example:

  • How to take advantage of ICT and potential new regulatory measures to create new ways of interacting with tenants.
  • Which solution should be implemented?
  • How to finance the implementation of the infrastructure required.
  • How to direct and manage communication to facilitate the adoption of ICT by the tenants.

Digital infrastructures make possible the collection and analysis of individual energy consumption data but also open up other possibilities such as:

  • the optimisation of asset management,
  • the integration of renewable energy production systems,
  • the detection of outages,
  • the creation of social interaction,
  • helping tenants to stay in their homes.

The workshop will introduce the results of the first ICT experiments conducted in real-life housing complexes and public buildings. One of its main objectives is to assist key players in their considerations with regard to the development of tenant services, and in the implementation of an energy strategy, to meet future requirements.

The workshop will provide an informative debate and exchange forum for over 65 attendees from various housing organisations, associations and enterprises.

The event will take place on 13 November 2012 during the Smart City Expo in Barcelona.


For more information on the Smart City Expo see www.smartcityexpo.com