In Sweden : Energy efficient laundry Thanks to BECA

On 1 March 2013, ÖBO, the Swedish partner of the project, started billing the tenants according to their actual electricity consumption in one of the company´s laundry rooms.

A new system has been implemented and is being tested in the shared laundry room of a residential area of almost 700 dwellings. Thanks to the BECA technology, the actual electricity consumption of each laundry is monitored. Every month, a compilation of the cost is made in the system. The cost appears at the rental invoice of each tenant monthly. The tenants also have the possibility to log in at a website and see their consumption and costs.

The connectivity, the data and servers and the application is built on the same platform as for the BECA system.

With this system in place, the tenants are provided with a clear incentive to change their behaviors by using just the right time and temperature for the laundry.