Italian media shows increasing interest for the BECA project

“Atc Housing: consumption under control”, “A lesson of savings for Atc in ORBASSANO”. These are some of the titles used by Italian press to report about the BECA project. Since the project start in 2011, local media of the pilot sites have shown growing interest for the project, often presented as an innovative response to local and global challenges.

In an article published on the 19 April 2013, the journalist Davide Medda  of “Luna Nuova”, an Italian newspaper,  seems especially interested in the social outcome of the project, and the energy savings resulting from a better awareness. In the article the ATC president Marco Buronzo explains the challenges of energy consumption awarness for former homeless people:

"[…] by no means I am certain that not everyone knows how to save, or fully understand the consequences of their habits and when bills arrive our tenants are wondering why it is so expensive, but often the cause is just a unwise use of heating and appliances. […]", he explains.

With the help of the BECA innovative services for resource use awareness these challenges are addressed. By monitoring their own consumption, tenants see the impact of their everyday actions on their energy consumption (and bills) and adopt a more energy efficient behaviour. At the pilot site Torino in Italy, 6 to 10 percent energy savings for heating, hot and cold water and temperature are expected due to the use of these services. Here, the resource use awareness services enable all tenants to access a web portal to check their consumption (heating and hot water). The tenants of MOI and Spina 3 are also able to monitor their cold water consumption monthly.


The full article in Italian language can be found here (p. 23).

For more information on the Italian pilot site in Torino please click here.