Second Workshop on Smart metering in Barcelona, Spain

The roll out of smart meters is an important issue in the coming years, not only for social housing companies (projects eSESH, BECA, Showe-IT, e3SoHo) but also for the public buildings sector (projects Smartspaces & Green@Hospital).

The workshop aimed at outlining how ICT could improve the management and efficiency in the public sector and residential buildings by applying tools such as monitoring and remote management of energy consumption.

The workshop presented the results of the first experiment conducted:

  • ICT offers a big opportunity to make energy consumption transparent and is a great way to stimulate the awareness of the end user related to his energy consumption behavior.
  • Roll out of ICT’s is still connected with several obstacles (technological issues and acceptance of the users).
  • The automation (for example optimisation of the automation of central heating systems) is the most cost effective way to obtain savings for all tenants in a building (regardless of user specific measures in dwellings).
  • The core target for ICT systems should be tenants with high energy consumption. This way, the investment in ICT can be amortised by the decrease of their energy bills.