Tip of the month for Catalans tenants

The Spanish partners have decided to provide their tenants with a monthly paper-based report of their energy consumption and energy tips.

Every month, the tenants receive a paper report on their energy consumption for the past month. The report allows the tenants to compare their energy consumption performances with the average of the building, previous periods and other dwellings that have the same size. In addition to these figures, the tenants get “tips” on how to reduce their energy consumption. For November, the tips are especially connected to the use of heating. For instance :

  • Keep the temperature between 21 and 18.
  • Try to keep the temperature as constant as possible.
  • Open the window for 10-15min every day to ventilate your flat but don’t forget to close the heating.

As a visual representation of the performances, the comic character BECO is used in different postures and colors are used to distinguish between water / heating / electricity.