Workshop: "ICT and Social Housing: Towards smart SHOs?"

23 March 2012 | The French members of eSESH, BECA and E3SoHo projects organized a workshop on 2nd and 3rd of February 2012 in Angers, France.

This workshop aimed to present the results of the first ICT experiments in Social Housing sector in order to help responsibles in their questioning on the development of tenant services and the implementation of energy strategy.

With the arrival of smart meters, new issues emerge on the positioning of social housing organizations and the services offered to tenants.

  • How to use ICT capacities and potential regulatory developments to create new ways of interacting with tenants?
  • What kind of implementation should we prefer?
  • How could we fund the development of infrastructure?
  • What kind of communication do we have to implement to facilitate the use of ICT by tenants?

If the digital infrastructures now allow to collect and analyze individual energy consumption data, they offer other possibilities: to optimize management (integration of renewable energy production systems, control of in line losses ...), to create social interactions, to facilitate home support ... Also, their impact is not only limited to improve services to tenants but provides a real added value to the business of the SHO.

For further information please visit the workshops' website.