Zooming in Havirov pilot site

Can you tell us more about your pilot site ?

The BECA pilot site in the Czech Republic is located in Havirov, a city with 78 713 inhabitants founded in 1955, in the north-eastern part of the country. The first pilot building for the BECA project is situated in the city district of Mesto. It was selected as a typical multi-residential building from the municipal housing stock. The second pilot building is located at a distance of 180 m from the first building and is nearly identical. The buildings were selected as they are located in an attractive downtown area with long-term occupants, most of whom use the internet on a daily basis.

Why did you decide to take part in the BECA project ?

We have decided to participate in the BECA project for several reasons. As municipal organisation, we are interested in decreasing emissions as we are located in one of the most polluted regions in the Czech Republic . Another reason is the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as quality improvement of our services provided to the tenants. In the frame of this project MRA would also like to test measuring new method for fair heating energy allocation.

The buildings in Havířov do not have insulated interior walls and floor structures thus the heat transfer between adjacent flats is enabled. In the past, when the cost of heating was allocated on the basis of meters on the radiators, some of the tenants used to turn off the heating in their rooms and let the neighbours deliver the heat to them through the separating walls and floor slabs. This kind of behaviour causes the growth and spread of mildew and the municipality has to spend a lot of money to remove it.

How did the tenants react to the implementation of the BECA system ?

The system has been implemented without any problems. In general the tenants are interested in water and energy saving. They want to be regularly informed about their consumption and find the system useful. However there are several unfavourable factors affecting their motivation to saving such as present heating billing scheme, utilities implementing unit price increases as a consequence of decreasing consumption. Also some tenants do not care about their consumption when they see that due to high advanced payments they have prepaid enough for the heating and water consumption and they will even get some money back.

In Czech Republic, do you think these kind of systems will be broadly used in the future ? Why ?

From general point of view we would say that interest in this kind of service will increase providing it makes sense from the economic point of view, it means that the savings reached by using this tool must at least slightly exceed the purchase and operation costs. It is suitable to connect this service with billing costs for water and heating energy in individual apartments. In case of MRA Havířov it depends on the way the service will be offered and sold to the tenants in the future. The service may become an integral part of the tenant contract and the corresponding charges will be included in the monthly cold rent. It is also important to promote this service , for instance by publishing article in Havířov local newspaper and providing information on the potential benefit this service can bring to the tenants.